Below is some work that we have done.

Lego Storage Database

This application is constructed using the Svelte/Sveltekit JavaScript framework, selected for its innovative approach to web-component development and clear division of responsibilities. Designers can utilize HTML and CSS as they would in a standard .html page, while developers have the flexibility to use .js/.ts pages and script tags. Unlike other frameworks such as React or Next, which require extensive JavaScript knowledge to render a page, Sveltekit compiles the site and renders each page as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This results in a compiled site that operates similarly to a static site, but with all the JavaScript functionality typically associated with other frameworks. This makes Sveltekit a unique and efficient choice for web development.

The application employs MongoDB as its database, which enables the establishment of relationships based on JSON document nodes. This structure allows any element to serve as an index or foreign key to other documents, providing significant flexibility. This is particularly beneficial when the structure of your data is uncertain or likely to evolve.

Please note that this is a work in progress. We are actively identifying and resolving bugs as they emerge. Additionally, we are continually enhancing the functionality based on UX design requirements.

Click here to see a verion of the app.

More to come

We are creating more work for you to see

We are currently putting together a design system built in Storybook which works well with Svelte.

We are also putting together another design system built with to compare against Storybook.

Come back to check'em out!